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Race information

Race Course

El Gouna Half Marathon 2021 will feature a brand new race course, taking runners through the wonderful and scenic roads of El Gouna. The course is almost entirely flat, with minimal elevations as a result of a few bridges that participants will cross as they take on the course. The 21K, 10K, and 5K routes all follow similar paths. All four Race Maps can be seen below.

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Running Conduct

Runners must complete the entire prescribed distance for their race within the three-hour Cut-Off Time.

Runners are permitted to wear earphones while running.

Runners are requested to run on the right-hand side, as many of the roads and paths will be operated both ways, with runners going and coming on the same path.

First Aid/Ambulance

Ambulances will be stationed at the Start Line Zone & Finish Line Zone and at 3 major points throughout the course, ready to assist runners in need at any time. There will also be medical personnel available at major crossing points to help with any medical problems that may occur. Mobile event organisers on the course will be monitoring the progress of all runners and will be ready to respond with First Aid if needed.


Nutrition will be provided to all runners on the course and at the Finish Line, but it is recommended that all runners plan their nutrition strategy in advance and make sure they have everything that they need ready for race day. Available nutrition will include:

  • Nestle Water (in small 330ml plastic bottles)

  • Bananas

  • Electrolytes from Pedialyte

​Nutrition Stations will be spread out regularly across the course, approximately every 2.5K.


All athletes will be timed using the MyLaps Timing System. Final results will be posted online and organised via overall ranking and age groups.

All participating runners will receive Endurance League points. To find out more about The TriFactory's Endurance League, please visit www.thetrifactory.com

Ranking & Medals

Every participant receives a finisher’s medal upon completion of their race. Rankings will be organised in overall and age group categories and certificates will be available online. Overall winners (top three males and top three females for each distance) will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals as well as special prizes. Please note that El Gouna Half Marathon does not offer cash prizes for winners. 

Race Maps