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Can multiple applicants use the same e-mail address?

No. Each athlete must register using a unique email address.

Can you accept group entries?

Yes. Please contact to request group rates for teams of more than 10 runners.

How old must I be to participate?

10 years old for the 5K

14 years old for the 10K

18 years old for the 21K

Your age will be calculated using your year of birth. 

Can I apply for entry in person?

All entries will be processed online. Please visit the Registration page. 

Are there any marathon race categories for participants with disabilities?

There are no separate categories for athletes with disabilities, but all athletes, regardless of ability/disability are welcome to register

How will the race begin?

The race will begin as a rolling start, following the gunshot. Slower runners will be asked to begin farther back to avoid injuries from collisions with faster runners at the front.

Is there transportation and accommodation?

Special accommodation packages are available to all runners and visitors during the event week. Get in touch now at

If I am unable to participate on the day of the marathon, may I have someone run in my place?

No, this will result in disqualification.

Can I change my personal information after submitting application?

No. Please note that the information on application form is final. This is to avoid resale of tickets.

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